How Kinesiology can break through those barriers holding you back?
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Heard of kinesiology? This is one healing modality that shouldn’t be overlooked for it’s powers in breaking through those barriers that may be holding you back in business and getting the extraordinary life you desire.

Do you ever feel stuck? Not sure why? You have a great job or business, great family and friends and live a pretty fulfilled life however you want to achieve more and want to take it to the next step but something is holding you back?

Aha I know exactly how you feel. But it wasn’t until I discovered kinesiology that it changed my life (that’s no exaggeration). Don’t underestimate the power of kinesiology! 

Even though I had a good job, had amazing friends and got to live a life of doing the things I loved I knew I wanted more. There was something inside me that was holding me back from being the best version of ME. I didn’t want to be feeling average anymore, I wanted to thrive and feel just as good on the inside as I did on the outside but I knew I had to make the change and only I could do something about it … So I DID!

After my first session I felt a shift straight away.

I had heard about kinesiology but didn’t know much about it. I did some research and thought, hey I have nothing to lose right? So I made my first appointment and WOW was I fascinated.

After my first session I felt a shift straight away. I felt so clear-headed, I was able to make decision without hesitation and I just felt this feeling of confidence, which shone like a bright diamond. Even my friends and family could see a shift in me. That was it, I was hooked and couldn’t get enough and couldn’t believe how amazing kinesiology was and how much it changed my life!!

With health and wellness being such an important practice these day’s kinesiology is just on of those modalities that really fit’s in well as it helps to recognizes any imbalances and taps in to your subconscious mind and finds any blockages or stress on a mental, physical, emotional level so we can understand a little more about why we can’t move forward and help break through those barriers.

Gentle muscle testing is used as a way of obtaining information through the subconscious mind about how the body is functioning and where the imbalances and blockages may be.

Imbalances are then corrected by using gentle techniques such as acupressure point’s, flower essence, chakra and meridian balancing, nutritional changes or working with emotional responses.

Kinesiology can leave you feeling balanced, clear headed, and calm. When you are free of negative stress and balanced the benefits are AMAZING!

Here are 5 ways kinesiology can help and allow you to live the best version of you;

  1. Increase confidence and motivation
  2. Stress relief, increased energy and vitality giving you the time to achieve more and feeling great doing so.
  3. Change in attitude, set and achieve your personal goals.
  4. Go from self-sabotaging to self-love.
  5. Have the ability to make clear decisions without feeling confused or unsure.

Kinesiology helps you feel empowered to achieve whatever it is you put your mind to!


Yasmin Darwish


Yasmin Darwish is a passionate kinesiologist who works with high achieving woman who are feeling stuck in life or business and she empowers then to achieve their goals. Yasmin has helped hundred of woman to reach their full potential, breaking down any barriers that are stopping them moving forward. Yasmin loves working with woman and seeing them thrive in their business or personal life and knows how important it is to be balanced, free from negative stress and be filled with self confidence and love.