The Law Of Attraction
Daily Rituals to 6 Figures

So much hype about the Law of Attraction can be found online and through the self-help circles but do people truly understand the concept of it?

I read The Secret by Rhonda Burns when it became a global sensation. I understood the concepts at an intellectual level and rationally I connected to the wisdoms given by the ‘experts’ but I didn’t connect with the law at a deeper understanding. Fundamentally I hadn’t yet really understood the law at a deep conscious level.

It has been in my pursuit of style, ease and grace and my desire for abundance that I’ve truly understood the law of attraction at a higher consciousness level. My soul.

Our thoughts are the beginning of the transactions we enter into with the Universe. We go into this transaction with one rule.

What you ask for you get.

When you ask the Universe for what you want, she gives it to you at a price. You must answer her calling of what she wishes for you to do to earn what it is you want. That is the deal.
It is this easy.

Our thoughts trigger off emotional responses in us.

Many people are attracting huge amounts of abundance when they allow themselves to receive this communication. It is in the allowing that most get stuck. We must open ourselves up to receive through our intuition. The Universe speaks to you through your higher consciousness, your soul. Intuition is our receiver from the Universe. Our soul or higher consciousness speaks to our ego and body through energy we commonly refer to as intuition.

If you listen to the famous manifestors, such as Oprah Winfrey or Richard Branson, you would hear them frequently talk about following their intuition and the calling from the Universe (God, any deity or label you attach) giving them the ways in which they can serve humanity. They fulfil their part of the transaction and the Universe delivers their needs and desires.

So how do we allow ourselves to trust and receive so that we too can become great manifestors?

Be very mindful of the thoughts that enter your head.

Here is my number 1 tip! The most important tip of all when it comes to manifesting;

Quieten Your Mind.

Our thoughts trigger off emotional responses in us. Our emotions have particular vibrational frequencies that are sent out from our energetic bodies into the universe triggering the law of attraction to send matching frequencies to us. An easy example of this is when you think of a particular person that you’ve not seen or heard from for a while. When you think of them, emotions are triggered and you send out frequencies causing the Universe to send out those frequencies to be matched and all of a sudden you see or hear from that person. This isn’t a case of you being psychic but the Universe answering your ‘call’.

On the flip side this works when you have negative thoughts that trigger emotions that are fear-based. If you frequently think you can’t afford to pay your bills on time and you emit emotions of lack, then the Universe will answer your call and you will not be paying your bills on time.

So …

Be very mindful of the thoughts that enter your head and if they are negative then quickly move them along before you emit an emotion to attach to it and send the call out. Remain consciously in the present. This quietens your mind from focusing on the future worries and the past injustices of your life.

Read anything Eckhart Tolle for a better understanding on how to do this and why. A New Earth has changed my life. If you are a constant thinker then be mindful to only think of things/experiences that you love to create and that will serve others for the better. The emotional frequencies you send out will be positive and powerful.

Note: It’s important to not think of ways to serve with the sole intention of attracting abundance. Don’t do things with the specific intention of fulfilling a selfish desire. The Universe doesn’t like you telling her how you’ll receive what you want. That’s not the deal.

Listen to guided meditations with binaural beats. The alpha/delta/theta waves produce specific electrical responses in the brain with physiological reactions along your neural pathways. Plus it’s super relaxing! Listen to anything Abraham Hicks – A LOT. This will drum into you how the law of attraction is best used for your benefit in being a powerful manifestor.

Live a life of joy and prosperity. Be extraordinary!


Rebecca Gibson


Rebecca Gibson is a modern medium, helping heart-centred soulpreneurs align their soul path with their business. Her strategic approach and experience allows her to combine spiritual guidance with tangible methods for her clients to step into deep wisdom expanding their energy and self-awareness. She works with people ready to serve humanity on a higher level by illuminating their path and psyche, bringing a deeper understanding of what is really possible in life and business. Rebecca can be found writing her books, wrangling her toddler and guiding people to step into their true inner potential.