Daily Rituals to 6 Figures

Are you loving you? What if you could change your reality in your business by loving yourself as you are?



Have you ever noticed throughout your life that your perceptions, awareness and insights evolve as you get older, have more experiences and see the world from varied eyes?


Your truth or your reality will change depending on what is happening for you and whether you love you. And no matter what is your truth, it is a fact for you. Now does that mean that it is a reality and does it empower you? Does it mean you are loveable?


Business owners have this uncanny ‘knack’ of saying to themselves unloving comments and thoughts such as ‘I am hopeless as a business owner’ or ‘I wish I could earn that but I am no good’. This is their reality and the mind will perceive it to be a fact.


But what if you can change your reality by loving what you do knowing you are perfect and in different stages of remembering?


Imagine waking up each morning and before climbing out bed to do the domestic chores and then your business, you lay in bed and said ‘I am a successful and abundant business owner and I always attract amazing clients’.


The brain does not know what is true or not true. Stating this affirmation to yourself before you set out on your day will easily with practice become your new truth and tell your brain what you want. It is the new journey of loving yourself and your business. After all your business is you!


Yes we can hold on to old stories which have been said to us by family, teachers, work colleagues and friends telling us we are a certain way which is not loveable – but is it true? You can change this story so you know you are the best you can be by telling yourself so and by acting that way.


Behave the way you want to be recognised and that is an act of loving you. Write down what you want and how you want to be and see yourself. Then practice. You have done this all your life and children call it ‘dress ups’ and ‘pretend’.


Remember the brain does not know what is real so you can make anything your reality and truth;


The truth is it is time to love yourself as you were born as pure perfection.


Remember your truth only matters to you and you have the right to believe what you want. In the bigger scheme of life the truth is you are amazing. You are loveable, loved, loving and pure love. That is all you need to remember for the rest of your life.

And when you know you shine this through your business, life is magic and that is all that matters.   


Jean Sheehan







Jean Sheehan is the Director of Millennium Education. Her career transformed from Nursing, Pathology and Autopsies to teaching Millennium Modality® to schools, universities, entrepreneurs and corporations.  Her personal mission since immigrating from Kuwait, being homeless and experiencing a very ‘colourful life’ was to develop and share magical mind frame skills to support the community personally and professionally so as each person could create their hearts desires. She is a highly sort after speaker with awards.