Self care vs self love
Daily Rituals to 6 Figures

Self Care Vs Self Love: In this article, dance professional Raechel De Marchi looks at why women have trouble defining self care vs self love and why implementing is essential.

As a dancer and fitness professional, I have always thought I had a fair idea of how to take care of myself. However, a recent fall that saw me housebound and recovering for five weeks, has taught me otherwise.

Up until now, I have only been dipping my toe into the pool of self care and self love. Like many of us, the time to pause and take stock of how we look after ourselves daily doesn’t always present itself.

In fact, society often discourages and frowns upon those that put themselves first – labelling them as SELFISH. We are also raised (especially as woman) to be of service to everyone else.

However, truth is, by showing yourself an assortment of self care, you foster true self love. Which in turn, forges a better YOU to show up in all areas of your life and relationships.

So, I want to share with you what I have learnt on a subject that is too often considered taboo.

Self care is often promoted as doing the outer work first i.e. eat right and exercise and the rest will take care of itself.  However, it is SO much more.

Why? Because most self care rituals that centre around these, often miss out the most important ingredient – self love.

Self love is nurtured through complete collaboration of your mind, body and spirit. This means living from your heart, at one with your innermost self (your soul being) combined with your physical human being.

Meaning in every moment, thought, action, word, breathe etc you are listening to your body internally and externally. You completely accept all that you are and are tuned into your own life force.

Now, I realise for many (including myself) this can be hard to do and it does take work. To be willing to excavate your internal garden, look deeper, weed out and replant your garden, is an ongoing process.  To undertake such a process is to forge true self love and effect great change.

Are you ready to put YOURSELF first? Embrace both self care and self love and be ALL that you came here to BE?

Here’s my top five ways to help create more in your life NOW:

1. Daily Rituals

Simple exercises to uplift you from the inside out, and change your entire day.

My favourites:

  • Meditation
  • I AM Affirmations
  • Incidental Exercise/Stretching
  • Power Song/Playlists
  • Power Up Breakfast
  • Power Shower

2. Movement 

Movement equals injecting intention into every movement that you make.

Create moments that generate presence from within and allow you to regularly check in with how your body is feeling inside and out. Yes, I am saying put on that Power Song and dance like no one is watching – Nutbush/Macarena, anyone?

Get up out of your office chair or lounge and stretch all your beautiful limbs out, shake out the stiffness.  

Go outside and stretch your head towards the sky.  Move in a way that gives back to ALL of YOU.

3. Music

We all have that favourite songs that whenever we listen to it lights us up, makes us move, motivates or helps us to relax. So, use this to your advantage. 

Play music that creates a boost in your energy – Eye of the Tiger anyone? Sing like no one is listening and reconnect. Or put on a relaxing tune to stretch or meditate to and rest, reset and refocus.

Listen to anything that SINGS to ALL of YOU.

4. Purposeful Pauses

A purposeful pause equals taking a moment to break, become present and reboot. Such pauses foster a state of ‘being’ versus being consumed by the ‘doing’.

Which allows you to come to recognise dips in your energy, when you need food/water, or when your body needs to move. Which allows more flow, energy, care, love and productivity to your day.

Which we can all benefit from right?

5. Reading/Writing/Journaling/Drawing

Remember the hours you spent as a child immersing yourself in a book, doodling or colouring in? As adults, we often forget the joys of delving into our own imaginations.

Creating moments of PLAY reconnects you with your inner child, who helps you embrace your creative side.

Writing or journaling can help with overcoming overwhelm and create clarity. It evokes your imagination and inner creator, allowing new ideas to prosper and flourish. Drawing allows us to lose ourselves in colours/lines helping us to unwind, and find joy in a childhood pastime.

So, what are you waiting for? Time for some self love!

Raechel De Marchi 

Raechel De Marchi

Roar Dynamix Mechanix is a Health, Dance and Fitness team based in Brisbane. RDM’s Leading Lady – Raechel De Marchi combines her love and 20+ years of dance training with her Fitness Qualifications to bring you Fitness Fusion. Our fusion of different training methods allows anyone of any age and fitness level to improve their fitness and strength. With the added benefit of improving their stability, agility, flexibility and mobility all at the same time.