how to juggle business and family with passion
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Parenting expert, Monique Daal knows all too well the guilt that comes with being a working mum. Here she shows up simple ways to ‘juggle’ business and family with passion.



Are you constantly pushing to get results?

Do you wonder how you can find time for yourself?

Are you worried you’re not doing enough for your family as you run your business?

Do you find yourself never getting to work on your business because of the family circus juggle?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level AND have time to be with your family, too?


As an entrepreneur and mother of four beautiful children I am fully aware of the societal pressure and occasional guilt that comes with being a working mum.

However, we are all capable of having the best of both worlds, we just need to change our perspective and our beliefs about parenting and building a business.

In this article, you will find three steps for combining business and family without feelings of stress and guilt.

You will be amazed by the impact you can have on your children by simply doing what you love.

And the wonderful side-effect: your business will thrive as well!


1. Find your passion and inspire your children

You should never feel guilty for doing what you love.

Many business women who are passionate about building their business, are afraid of being selfish and concerned they will be neglecting their children.

This mindset can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stuck in life.

Let’s reframe this old paradigm!


Sometimes it is so important to be selfish and take your own desire seriously.


A parent who sets an example by loving their work, and being passionate about what they do is priceless in shaping their children’s attitude towards life.

So, let’s tackle this #1 stress factor for ambitious mothers in business once and for all.

When you discover your true passion and how to embrace your unique creativity, you will feel empowered and motivated, both in your business and your family life. 

At the same time, you learn how to encourage your children to follow their own path, even if these deviate from the social norm.

Enough with doubts and playing small, build your inner courage to follow your dreams!


2. Equip your children with the right skills to find their own success.

Entrepreneurial skills are not easily taught and are invaluable in todays society.

From a young age, children begin to mimic their parent’s behaviour and develop similar skills and traits.

Being an entrepreneurial mother presents you with the opportunity to guide your children to develop relevant 21st century skills that will help them to become successful in the world of tomorrow. 


21st century skills include those of creativity, innovation, critical thinking, communication and self-discipline.


They are less about what can be taught in a classroom and more about what is gained from experience and example.

These skills foster self-worth and prepare children to face challenges and opportunities with confidence.

Get your children involved in your business and be proud of what you do. Give your children the power to turn their ideas and passions into wealth.

Create leaders and innovators who have the freedom to choose what they want in work and in life.


3. Focus on your mindset and define your own success.

There are so many people trying to tell us what it means to be ‘successful,’ whether it be in business or in life.

The key to finding happiness and balance in your work and family is to define your own success, and develop the right mindset to work for it.

If you have a clear mission and positive mindset, life becomes simpler, and it is easier to focus on your core priorities.

Your idea of success will likely evolve throughout your lifetime and should be built on who you are and what it is you want in life.

As business women, we have a ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality and understand that success doesn’t come easy.


We set an example for our children, teaching them that success stems from dedication and hard work. Being a mother and business woman is not always easy.


It is your perseverance and resilience that really inspires your children. Help them to develop a growth mindset, and to never stop working on themselves.

They will be thankful for the strong and successful woman that raised them. 

In my book No Limit Parenting I stress that being a great parent, starts with you.

Mothers need to take time for themselves, do what they love, and live out their dreams.

This is fundamental in becoming a sparkling role model for your children.






Monique Daal is the author of No Limit Parenting and trained as a developmental psychologist. With over 20 years of experience in working with parents, professionals and children, she now works with women entrepreneurs. She helps them build  a meaningful and profitable business, without sacrificing their family life. She does this through private coaching, online programs and international events. Born in the Netherlands, she moved with her husband and four children to the Caribbean in 2009. Since 2015 they reside in Sydney, Australia.