Danyelle Gibson Grant
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Danyelle Gibson Grant knows a thing or two about love … and style.

In fact, not only has she been happily married for nine years and is a Love and Lifestyle Coach, Danyelle is an expert in interior design and all things chic. Having worked with Danyelle on her brand new ‘tres chic’ digital magazine Live, Love & Be Chic, I discovered a woman who is truly on a mission to transform women’s self-confidence and relationships (all with a touch of style!).


Danyelle Gibson Grant


Danyelle is the owner and CEO of Gibson Grant Style, a lifestyle brand and coaching service. She is as stunning as she is successful – as a Love and Lifestyle Coach, Danyelle is renowned for her ability to help women who feel stuck in the area of love for her life, she works to transforms their mindset, improving self-confidence and esteem in relationships, all while living a life she truly desires.

Her impressive credentials keep going – as the author of Stepping Into Your Confidence  and as a co-author of The Female Factor: A Confidence Guide for Women, Danyelle regularly imparts her impressive skills and knowledge.

In addition to her writing, Danyelle is a sought after speaker with talks that include Stepping into your Confidence, The Superwoman Syndrome, and Emotional Wellness for Women and Lasting Love.

Most recently Danyelle created the digital relationship and lifestyle magazine, Live, Love & Be Chic, specifically for woman to encourage healthy, loving relationships as part of a fabulous life.


Danyelle Gibson Grant


With over 20 years’ experience as a corporate Talent Acquisition professional, Danyelle Gibson-Grant is a multi-talented professional woman. She studied Business Management at the University of Phoenix and prides herself in helping clients step into who they are meant to be.

It was back in her corporate days that Danyelle things weren’t all that rosy. In fact, Danyelle’s relationship with her husband took some strain from her ‘chick-in-charge’ mode she brought home from work. She admits that one day her husband told her that sometimes he felt like she treated him more like an employee than a lover. Ouch!


I started to study men and relationships just as hard as I studied the pie charts on my monthly reports.


It was then that Danyelle committed to creating the marriage and life she desired. Danyelle says, “I started to study men and relationships just as hard as I studied the pie charts on my monthly reports.

“Don’t get me wrong: I didn’t stop succeeding at work. But I did start learning about what it really takes to succeed in love.”

Which leads us to today – Danyelle is an inspiration to women everywhere that they can be successful in their career AND in love.


Danyelle Gibson Grant


Let’s dig in and find out what makes Danyelle tick;

What is your purpose / mission in business?
 Living life and conducting business with integrity, love and purpose. I help women and men obtain the love that they desire, step into their confidence and live out their destiny.
Who are you here to serve in the world?
I serve high-achieving women who want fulfilling and fabulous lives from the boardroom to the bedroom. I offer half-day in person or virtual intensives as well as full day destination intensives and 1:1 coaching programs.
What has brought you to this time and space?
With 20 year’s corporate human resources experience, I was the high achieving woman who was successful at work but wondering if I’d ever meet “the one” get marred and have my own family. With a lot of self work and personal development, I did marry “the one” but realised sometimes what we think we want isn’t necessarily what’s best for us. I met and married my king but he didn’t come in the package I was expecting at the time.
My desire is to help other successful career women find their kin and be open to the possibility he may come in a different package than what you expected but in the end, it will be so worth it! For God and the Universe knows what’s best and truly meant for you when it comes to love.
What do you stand for?
Love and marriage.
What are your top 5 keys to success?
1. Love is everything; honour love.
2. In order to love someone else you must first love yourself.
3. Live with integrity.
4. Have fun and don’t take life to seriously
5. Whatever you do, do it with style!
What is something most people don’t know about you?
 I’m really a goof-ball!
You can find out more about Danyelle HERE and her chic one day luxury, destination intensives. 
Danyelle Gibson Grant