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Have you dreamed of being on TV, being a presenter on a TV show or even your own TV show? Here are my exact strategies I show my clients on how to get their own TV show. PLUS get s sneak preview of one of my clients newest TV shows about to launch!



As a young girl I was always dreamed of being on TV – or radio, or on stage. And I made all of those things happen.

In fact I am a published author, a professional speaker and have appeared in countless newspapers, magazines and many television programs. I’ve kind of done it all, I guess!

Over the years I moved my business out of primarily magazine publishing over to coaching female entrepreneurs and helping them build extraordinary businesses that they once only dreamed of. Businesses that provide them with a life of choice, freedom, brands and services that light them up.

Of the type of clients I attract, many of them have dreamed of being on television or even having their own TV show.

To date, I have had several clients feature on morning TV, create their own online TV shows (one client gaining a massive regular 100K+ views per episode) and now one of my clients – Melissa Lunardon – has been picked up as the host of a brand new TV show.

And to prove it, we are super excited to show you a special SNEAK PEAK preview below!




So, what did we do as part of her business strategy that gained her, her own TV show?

The key was Content Marketing.

One of my strongest paths to my own – and my clients success – has been to develop a content marketing platform.

I am a firm believer that marketing from the base of a content platform is one of the fastest ways – and long term sustainability – of growing a successful business.

My own personal journey has been using magazines – both print and digital – to grow my own businesses.


So let’s dive in below exactly what is Content Marketing and how Melissa built her own platform that led to her own TV show.


Content Marketing is a great way to build your audience.

And the fact is, the bigger your audience (the right audience) the more sales you can have, the more money you make and the bigger impact you can have with your business. Right from the get-go, my client started her own online TV show.

Don’t go overboard with the production values.

She used simple, low to no-cost strategies to film and produce her show.

Provide great content.

The content in the show was directly related to her ideal clients problems and each episode gave a simple yet powerful tip for her audience to implement.

Get great at presenting on camera.

By practicing her presenting skills, my client showed up as a professional on camera, yet with a natural down-to earth style.

This style is highly desirable for television shows as they are looking for  Someone who can be relatable and likeable to their audience.

Sometimes they are after the antagonist who can divide an audience but in many cases it is ‘safer’ for them to enrol a host that is natural and very likeable.

Be consistent.

With regular episodes, not only did Melissa get really good at presenting her show, she was able to start building an audience of ideal clients because they started to put trust in her as an expert.

Brand the show properly.

Melissa outsourced her editing and intro/outro graphics so that the show, although laid back and low budget still had a look of professionalism to it.


All the above factors attracted the attention of a media company who could see that Melissa’s fresh approach on camera and expert knowledge was exactly what they were seeking for their new renovation show.

Without the above steps, not only would Melissa have been the world’s best kept secret, she would never had had the opportunity to grow her expert profile with her own show.

This year, Melissa has been able to grow her company to be on track to turn over a million dollars. And having her own content marketing platform – in this instance, an online TV show.

So what is holding you back from creating your own content marketing platform?

Your platform could be a podcast, an online TV Show, a magazine, a blog, a book, speaking (among many).

Whatever you choose ensure that you can get great at it, provide highly desirable and valuable content and most importantly, on a platform where your ideal clients are hanging out.


Genine Howard







Genine Howard
CEO & Founder 

Iconic Empires

Genine Howard is a best known as a business coach, magazine editor and publisher who has created, bought and sold numerous high end magazine titles both in print and online.

With a swag of accolades, Genine is also an author, public speaker, had a radio show and television appearances.

She is now dedicated to helping other female entrepreneurs live their most extraordinary lives teaching them how to clarify and speak their message, influencer-style branding and power mindset so they can build beautiful businesses which in turn, give back to the world in a positive way.