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One of my favourite online reads is Collective Hub (associated with the print magazine, The Collective). And I found it very interesting timing that this article popped up in my feed – ‘How Ashton Kutcher Uses The Power Of Platform For Good‘.


Essentially the article tells how Ashton is using his fame to influence the tech industry, and in particular in regards to the exploitation of children – he has even founded a charity – Thorn – set up to deal with the intersection of child sexual exploitation and technology.

As you read the article, I want you to consider YOUR purpose. I want you to consider what good you would give back to the world if you become an INFLUENCER. And remember, you don’t have to be a celebrity to have impact.

This week, Collective Hub’s founder and editor-in-chief, Lisa Messenger, visited the Dreamforce Conference, hosted by Salesforce, in San Francisco. In the first of a series of articles, here’s what she learnt at the global gathering for trailblazers.

I was fortunate enough to hear Ashton Kutcher speak and then meet him in Sydney briefly a few years ago, when Collective Hub ran a story on his transition from actor to entrepreneur and angel investor.
His knowledge, humility, selflessness and integrity blew me away then, and yesterday when I was fortunate enough to be sat third row back at Dreamforce in San Francisco, he completely encapsulated and mesmerised me all over again.

I have enormous respect for people like him who are not only able to build a platform (in his case that of a celebrity movie star), but then traverse industries and use that platform for the power of good. Whilst Dreamforce is a technology conference (and let me tell you he knows a thing or two about the subject), yesterday’s talk was all about his incredible charity, Thorn, which was set up to to deal with the intersection of child sexual exploitation and technology…

… Once you’ve built a profile, a platform and a fanbase, you don’t have to be pigeonholed. It’s within your power to redirect your focus – and your communities – to any new cause that matters to you. Who would have thought the young, hippy guy from That ’70s Show would grow into a “digital defender of children.” …

… As I left that incredible talk with Ashton, which sent shivers down my spine, it again re-enforced for me personally the power of platform and the power of purpose and the intersection of both. So, I leave you with this – what is your purpose?

And how are you going to give yourself the platform to spread the word and do good in the world?



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