How TO Build A 7-Figure Business
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Dream of serving more people in a big way? Do you dream of building a 7-figure business? Well, my client has done just that. Starting with building her business one day a week. Let’s dive into the key steps she took to be on track for a 7-figure business (in less than a year).



It’s moments like these that I have to pinch myself for the work I get to do in the world.

Just off the phone with one of my long term clients, interior design Melissa Lunardon who has;

– Made triple her ANNUAL income in a job working ONE DAY a week in her own business in JUST 6 months;

– Moved out of that job and now full time in her own amazing business;

– And is now on track to have a 7-figure company this year.


MELISSA LUNARDON Interior Designer


So just what did she do to build her company so fast and be on track to turn over 7-figures this year?

And the first step is the kicker. Miss step 1 and you are already out of the game.


1. Self belief.

In fact, it took Melissa more than just self belief she could could build a business – it was a knowing.

Ever since the idea came to her to step out on her own consulting business, Melissa just knew that she wanted to be her own boss. She knew she had the skill set in to deliver, the creativity and the drive.

And the thought of being her own boss, having flexibility and freedom in her life and really having choice was a major driver for her to build her brand and business.

Sure there were moments when she had setbacks – as I am sure you know, building a business has it’s plentiful shares of ups and downs, but at her core, Melissa knew this was her destiny.


But at her core, Melissa knew this was her destiny.


And it was that self belief and inner knowing that took her from working four says a week in a job, to eventually moving out into her business full time. Within a few short months, she was turning over nearly $90K revenue per month.


2. Strategy.

No 6 or 7-figure business is built without a strategy.

And Melissa is no exception. Yes the strategy morphed and changed along the way, but that was more of a reflection of her feeling into her business and becoming clearer on what she wanted – and what she didn’t want.

That only comes with time and experience and the doing of the business.

And yes, it is absolutely okay for the strategy to change. To a degree. One of the biggest issues I see with women entrepreneurs is chopping and changing focus before ever really giving something a real go or really seeing it out to it’s end.

In fact, many women in business spin their wheels due to not sticking with a strategy long enough to see out it’s true value.

Melissa, on the other hand, stuck to the plan, took inspired action daily to implement it.

The result? Well, as they say, the proof is in the pudding!


Many women in business spin their wheels due to not sticking with a strategy long enough to see out it’s true value.


Melissa Lunardon interiors


3. Processes.

Every business – even soloprenuer business – must have systems and processes.

Without it, you just keep reinventing the wheel and making life hard for yourself. Plus it’s a sure fire way for something to fall through the cracks.

In Melissa’s case, she was well aware of when her business needed a process in place for an activity that was repeatable. by installing processes along the way, she built momentum and streamlined her company quickly.

My recommendation is to document everything in your company – from how to turn on the lights and the air conditioning to work flow charts and phone etiquette.

For me personally, I invested huge amounts of time and effort into documenting my entire business operations in my magazine publishing company.

As a result I was able to sell the business for a hefty sum, even though I had been the face of the magazine for years. The processes were so well documented, ‘even a monkey’ could do it. Well, you know what I mean.


4. Clear brand positioning.

One of the areas Melissa is really strong in, is branding.

She is a creative at heart, so branding came naturally to her. However she still invested in professional photography and brand development to ensure her brand resonated with her high end target demographic.

And her brand reflected her professional yet fun personality.

In the 12 months since starting her business, she has actually rebranded to an even higher level brand, which has morphed as she has grown into her niche market.

Know that a brand can – and should – morph and grow with you. As long as you still have the core essence the same, a brand can ‘mature’ as the business finds it’s feet.

I find many female entrepreneurs spend so much time in the early piece procrastinating over their brand fonts, colours and positioning, they forget they can just go out and start earning money!

I would prefer my clients just go out and build an audience and sell to low-hanging fruit with a brand they are okay with rather than spending weeks if not months working on the branding.

As they say, done is better than perfect and Melissa is testament to just getting her brand out there and then allowing it to evolve as she did in her business.


As they say, done is better than perfect.


Melissa Lunardon

5. Consistent marketing.

From the get-go Melissa showed consistency in her social media marketing and email marketing.

I never once heard her complain about not knowing what to post or when to post – she just got on with it and made it happen.

And the result is she has a super strong Instagram following that has brought her clients and collaborations with some of Australia’s biggest influencers in her industry – many of which are lucrative partnership deals.


6. Creating a content marketing platform.

One of the first things Melissa did in her business was to commit to a content marketing platform.

In this instance, an online TV Show where she is the host.

Interestingly, even though the show was a low budget (almost no budget) show, it attracted the attention of a television production company.


Melissa is now the host of a brand new renovation TV show that is currently being pitched to major TV networks.


Melissa is now the host of a brand new renovation TV show that is currently being pitched to major TV networks. Yes, she is set to her her very own television show!


Melissa Lunardon


7. Partnering with bigger brands for leverage.

One of the areas that helped give momentum to Melissa’s business was developing strategic partnerships with established brands in her industry.

These partnerships have resulted in all sorts of collaborations – all promoting her as the expert in her field and resulting in some very lucrative and influential contracts for her services.

I am a big believing in that if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

And Melissa was always keen to ask for the meeting. To ask for the collaboration. And to ask for the deal.

And the answer was mostly, yes!


I am a big believing in that if you don’t ask, you don’t get.


I encourage you to decide what it is you want – and go ask for it!

As I say to Melissa, the worst that can happen is someone says ‘no’. And so what? It could very well be ‘yes’.


8. Ensuring she is eating right and exercising daily.

Melissa has always maintained a healthy lifestyle, but even more so since starting her business.

To the point where she has taken up regular cycling!

Melissa also incorporated daily mindset work, affirmations, meditation, yoga and running into her routine to keep her mind, body and spirit in tip top shape.

The saying goes ‘how you do one thing is how you do the other’ and Melissa showed that by respecting her body and mind, it played out in her business the same way.


9. Operating her business from a place of joy, passion and service.

One of the activities I have Melissa do during our sessions is to go into full gratitude mode.

Gratitude for what she has created, gratitude for her clients, gratitude for the freedom she has in her life, for the money she has earned, for her health, for her creativity, friends, family – and by displaying deep gratitude and raising her vibrational frequency, Melissa has seen the same come back to her in all ways.



10. Having clear boundaries and self worth.

A huge area Melissa worked on was around boundaries.

Boundaries on what she would say yes to, and bounrdaires on what she would say no to. What clients to take on, and when to say thank you, but no.

When she would deliver work, when she couldn’t. A big part of her didn’t want to let clients down and this often resulted in her being pushed into too tight deadlines, meaning she would create stress to get the job finished and possibly, not do the job to her best ability.

Once she realised that by holding firm on her boundaries – everything from who she worked with to how and when she delivered the work, she realised that it was actually not serving the client if she did allow her boundaries to be broken.


And the real game changer for Melissa was having a long term coach and mentor.

By investing in, and showing up for the coaching, Melissa was able to not only get clear on her ideal life and business, but to literally design in and make it a reality.

With a partner to help her strategise her business plus keep her accountable (and be there for the tough times), Melissa was able to fast-track her way to a 7-figure business.


So tell me, do you believe you can build a 7-figure business? A business that serves more people? that changes more people’s lives? That changes your own life?

Remember, it all starts with step #1 (hint, go back to the top of the list and start there!).

Here’ to your building your iconic empire.

PS Check out Melissa’s work HERE.


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