what to do if fear is taking over
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Is fear creeping in to your business? 

You know the kind. It’s that little voice in your head that tells you ‘Your business is not going to make money’; ‘Give up now and go get a safe job’.

Or perhaps fear is keeping you awake at 3am with your mind ticking over all the bazillion things you need to do and if you don’t get them done then your business will fail.

Or when you are reading social media and fear kicks in telling you that ‘everyone else has their sh*t together but I don’t’ …

Firstly, I get it. I get fearful too.

Secondly, know that fear does not serve us well. In fact, when we go into fear mode we can’t make clear decisions and can go into fight or flight mode.

Fear does not serve us (though it can provide valuable insight that something is not right!)

I recorded a FB Live video this week on what it means – and what to do, if you find the tap (money) turning off in your business. 


And what I shared was that when fear takes over, or the money turns off it is a sure sign you are not in alignment with your business – or yourself.

And what I mean by that is that somewhere you are not GIVING yourself enough or you are not RECEIVING enough from your business (usually in the form of money).

So if you are not receiving enough money in your business and finding you are going into fear mode, here is what you can do about it;


1. Take time to go inward and ensure you are in alignment with what you are doing;

2. Take time to give yourself rigorous self care and self love;

3. Add in a mantra such as “My business is successful and is growing every day.”

4. Take a look at your pricing – are you asking your worth?

This is just a TINY SPEC of what I cover in both my private coaching and group coaching programs.

I get you to;

• Get out of fear mode once and for all

• Clear those pesky limiting beliefs and blocks holding you back

• Charge your worth

• Create a beautiful business that lights you up and gives you the money you desire – and deserve.

• Live the life you have always dreamed.

If you are wanting RESULTS in your business and life, then take me up on my offer a FREE BUSINESS ASSESSMENT to see just what is possible for you and how I can help.

CEO & Editor, Genine Howard

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Genine Howard is a best known as a business coach, magazine editor and publisher who has created, bought and sold numerous high end magazine titles and turned over more than half a million dollars a year in revenues.

With a swag of accolades, Genine is also an author, public speaker, had a radio show and television appearances.

She is now dedicated to helping other female entrepreneurs live their most extraordinary lives teaching them confidence, branding and mindset so they can build beautiful businesses which in turn, give them a luxe, passionate, on-purpose life.