Daily Rituals to 6 Figures
Are you the creative soul of your business and the main provider in your kingdom?
Being the Queen and King of your successful business and your family is much more than a pretty picture of you sipping cocktails by the beach. It’s a delicate balance act, where balance is at times, not a constant. A beautiful Facebook ad can say little about what goes on when a woman craves feeling like a “queen” while constantly playing the part of “king” in her life and business.
You are the Provider, Care-taker, Protector, Nurturer, Home-maker, Handy-man.
Although the lifestyle pictures on social media may be of royal standards, a female entrepreneur can feel like a burnout Cinderella – unsafe, unprotected, and unprovided.  With this in play, despite past successes, there is little that even the most sophisticated sales funnel can do because you:
  • Aren’t attracting committed clients. They don’t feel ideal anymore.
  • Are in your masculine energy at all times and don’t know how to lean back in your relationships.
  • Feel exhausted running your business by yourself.
  • Think that there’s something “wrong” with you.
  • Know something feels “off”, out of integrity, yet you can’t figure it out what it is.
  • You love your partner, but his own stuff is weighting you down.
  • The old limiting beliefs you seemed to have cleared in the past are back… yet again!
  • Work with psychotherapist, mastermind group, a business coach, but it isn’t helping.
  • See the money flow… stop!
  • There is shame for the amount of money you have in invested in your business.
Consequently, it doesn’t matter what level of financial of success you have achieved. Where you aren’t receiving enough money in your business or appreciation and support in your relationship, you will feel out of alignment.  But, if you have hit a plateau in your business and in the relationships around it, this can be a wonderful opportunity find out your next level of growth.

Take Action!

Here’s what you can do:
  1. Getting curious! First, before making changes in your business left and right, be in the struggle for a moment. Make yourself available to the level of healing and change that it is inviting you to do. That said, you don’t have to be the one figuring everything out! Often, this is revealed to you through your clients, loved ones, supporters, and unexpected exchanges with things and people.  Seek perspective.
  2. Go within. Despite holding space for others for a living, women in a masculine position – such as that of a coach – often fear that going within may be an unpleasant experience that will bring even more pain or drama.  The truth is that this can be done gracefully. If you tend to coach yourself and end up getting caught up in your head, it may be time to do this with someone who can skillfully guide you through.
  3. Know your rules. Our sense of safety, success, connection, growth, and fulfilment are defined by our own rules. A rule is a boundary that defines what is acceptable or not. When you are aware of your rules, you put yourself in a more empowered place on what you ask and receive what you really need. Therefore, if a rule no longer holds true, choose to set a healthy boundary instead.
I recognised a deep desire in me to serve after working with successful corporate women and entrepreneurs around the world at different stages of their entrepreneurial journey. But, we need to be served first. Most of all, we need the space to experience deeper freedom, safety, fulfilment, and alignment.

Lorena Nunez

I’m now on a mission to help powerful female entrepreneurs, who are the soul of their business.  When they get stuck in the “doing”, I help them get out of overwhelm, so they can create new opportunities, serve better, and allow money to flow in.

Are you available to receive what you so much want to give in the world?

  • Feel seen and heard firstly by you.
  • Step out of overwhelm and confusion. Get back in alignment!
  • Reconnect to your natural gifts and bringing them into your business strategically.
  • Figure out the beliefs and rules that still hold you back.
  • Claim your power back in your relationships with loved ones, clients.
  • And importantly, feel loved, appreciated and provided in your relationship and business again.
Join me for an open conversation. If you are ready to allow a radical shift to happen for you and your business, let’s connect. I am offering my FREE Seen & Heard Open Sessions for a select group of women available to a new level of clarity and aligned action. Know that you can:
  1. Firstly, say it as it is… without drama.
  2. Figure out what is out of integrity in your life and business.
  3. And Relax! Put off the coaching hat, so that you can lean back and receive clarity about the next level of growth for you.
 So, no more little hidden secrets! The shame of overspending, the lack of intimacy with your partner, resentment against your business, the unavailability to receive. My FREE Seen & Heard Open Session is for us to go within and see how can I help.