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As a magazine publisher for some 13 years I have seen many an editorial pitch, and majority of them fail at attracting the attention of editors. Harsh, but a reality. So therefore, what makes an editorial pitch work? How can you get featured in the media … with ease? Just how can you, as a business, grab the attention of editors in the fast-paced world of media? It’s not as hard as you may think … if you break the rules!

Press Releases Are Dead
There are hundreds of courses on how to write a press release or you could even pay a PR company to write and send it out for you. My advice – don’t (sorry!). Yes I am going to break all the rules and say that press releases aren’t worth the (digital) paper they are written on … from an editor’s perspective.

Why don’t they work?
Think of it this way, a magazine editor is extremely busy – even more so these days with the expectation to cover print, online and social media so time is of the essence. Now have a think about how many press releases are sent to that editor every day (I’ll give you a hint – LOADS!). Therefore just due to sheer email clutter, it is hard to get your press release opened, read and actioned.

Another reason press releases don’t work is that they are generic. Editors are no fools, they know that you have sent this press release to a gazillion other editors. And in this day of fierce competition in publishing, why would an editor want to risk running content that another publication has already done so?

So what is the answer?

Be specific!
My biggest recommendation is pitch specifically to the media you are wanting to feature in – tell then what section you are pitching for. For example, read/watch/research each media outlet and pitch to a regular section they have such as ‘New Trends’ pages or their business section.

Give them what they need! Then send them content exactly the way it appears. Make it easy and do the work for them! This is a sure-fire way of getting you or your product featured. Send them the images, the text, the pricing if necessary, the website … make it so they wouldn’t even have to come back to you to ask questions or do all the legwork and research.

If you DO decide to send a press release, the etiquette is to attach a PDF but ALSO paste the content in the email. A lot of the time editors are on the run and reading emails on a mobile device. Don’t waste time by making them open an attachment to read – give it to them right there. Make their life as easy as possible.

Butter up the editor. Seriously – most of us editors love to be loved. Tell us how wonderful our publication is. Tell us what a great job we are doing. Send us freebies. Bold, but it works (doesn’t everyone love a good freebie?). And be careful that if you have just told ‘Womens Forum’ magazine that you to ally love their publication that you delete the name out when sending to ‘Womens Day’. Not cool.

Write the story so it is print ready. Make life EASY for an editor. Look at the specific publication and copy their style when writing up the piece. They may not use it, but I’m telling you now there is a higher chance of it being used if it is inline with their publication and ready to go!

Give exclusivity. Again, editors want new and fresh content. Offer something specific and special for that publication if you can. (A side note here is to give a deadline for this to be taken up so that you don’t miss out on using that pitch elsewhere).

Genine x

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