Daily Rituals to 6 Figures

So, you’ve been in business for some time now and you are still trying to find your LEGACY business. You know, the one that takes off effortlessly, creates an impact and allows you to SCALE. So let’s ask the question, is your business scaleable and saleable?

See, the one thing I still see is women entrepreneurs working far too hard, spending far too many hours in their business … all with the aim for FREEDOM.

Well, let’s get real here.

I bet you, like many of your sisterhood in biz, are working 24/7 on and in your business. Right?

And you are still not making the money you desire.

But hey, you figure if you just keep working … and working … and working, then something will pay off eventually.

Well if you are seriously desiring to create more FREEDOM, TIME and MONEY in your business then you have to start looking at moving from a business to a company … and then an EMPIRE.

For many years I have built not one, but two (sometimes three) successful businesses at a time. Each business has it’s purpose – one for pleasure, one for cash flow and one for empire creation.

…if you are seriously desiring to create more FREEDOM, TIME and MONEY in your business then you have to …build an EMPIRE.

For me, since having two babies, I’ve focused mainly on my coaching business and publishing business but in the past 18 months scaled it back in the name of simplicity. I have still been able to run two successful businesses PART TIME while having my babies.

So how the heck do I do that?!

Well, here are my golden rules for running successful businesses;

1. Do what you love … and outsource the stuff you hate!;

2. Build a team around you that are better than you;

3. Ensure you have a good profit margin (one of my businesses have a 60% profit margin);

4. Keep expenses low;

5. Pay yourself first;

6. Have a coach to keep your mindset in check and focus on the plan;

7. Simplify and systemise;

8. Set your boundaries in place;

9. Keep going, keep going, keep going. You never know when your business is about to boom (and it usually follows a major dip in your resolve … I always say the breakthrough happens after the breakdown!);

10. Create a business – or at least part of your business – that you can SELL.

Number 10 is the kicker.

See, these days we are all focused on building service-based, freedom-based businesses. However, those businesses rely on YOU.

I would now ask, what can you create that you can – Scale and Sell?

It’s about creating your EMPIRE.

And for those women who are looking to create their own EMPIRE, become the CEO of their own company, then you need to step up as the leader of your business and opening yourself up to PLAYING BIG.

So I’d love to know, what would YOUR empire look like? What dreams and visions do you have for your legacy company? Comment below and let me know!


Genine x

Genine Howard
CEO & Editor, 
Life Extraordinary 

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Genine Howard is a best known as a business coach, magazine editor and publisher who has created, bought and sold numerous high end magazine titles and turned over more than half a million dollars a year in revenues. With a swag of accolades, Genine is also an author, public speaker, had a radio show and television appearances. She is now dedicated to helping other female entrepreneurs live their most extraordinary lives teaching them confidence, branding and mindset so they can build beautiful businesses which in turn, give them a luxe, passionate, on-purpose life. www.geninehoward.com