How To Design Your Life
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How To Design Your Life

Designing your life starts with you.

You have probably see the above statement or a version of it so many times. ‘Designing’ seems to be the new buzz world in the personal development space, BUT what does this really mean and how can you bring into your life today?

Well, I decided to take a good look at what it really takes to ‘design your life’ and business. Here are my Do’s and Don’ts to how to design your life extraordinary;


Do start with the end in mind.
Most of us live life in a fog, like everyone else we have a vague idea of what we want but have no idea of how to get there or at what cost this life would look like. We listen to hundreds of experts spurting out their plan of what we should do and don’t listen closely to what ours might be – having a vision of how we want to live and then costing this out give you an insight to the pathway and direction that is uniquely yours to get there.
Don’t not understand what your finish line looks like!


Do look inside to find the answers.
Aligning your external world to match what make your heart sing is the key to success. If you are in alignment then nothing seems hard, you will be full of energy and keen to get on with the tasks that need doing with a smile. If it starts getting hard or you are feeling like you are getting a push back – stop and relook at what you are doing and make the changes needed.
Don’t worry about what others are doing – their life is not your life.


Do control your money.
Money isn’t about money itself it’s the broader range of choices it provides that make it desirable. It’s either a pleasure or a world of pain. The biggest stress we see today around money is perceived lack of it, too much debt and lack of education. Take control and get responsible in this area – there are a mountain of tools you can use to do this. And remember, above all, cash is king! You need to feed your future first – it’s the most important decision you can make to live a better life.
Living within your means and having good account structures, automation and a safety pool takes the daily focus off this tool and leaving more energy for other good things in your world.
Don’t let your money dictate to you take control of it today.


Do your mind work daily, your mind can’t grasp vague.
Having a vision written down allows the mind to set about finding ways to achieve this outcome. If you just allow your mind to dream without giving it clear instruction then that’s what it will always be just a dream. Here is a little test that you can do that proves this fact – we live in a world where we see millions of cars on the road. The most common car you see is the same car you are driving and the next one you want. Even if you are not looking for a new car test this out. Think about a car you would like. What colour is it, how many doors etc. Visualise yourself driving it and then you will suddenly see these cars everywhere where you might not have before. You have given your mind something to look for now apply it to your life.
Don’t just dream about it.


Do own what’s yours.
This is a tough one to understand and even to bring into your world at a cellular level. Blaming others is the best recipes for failure and unhappiness at every level. Look around like it or not you have created your world through the choices you have made – no one else. How you feel and react to other is your choice no one else’s. If you have a reaction to another then there is something inside YOU that you need to look at otherwise it wouldn’t affect you. Living by this and stop blaming others is the major key to more peace in your world. This one must do can change your life like no other.
Don’t blame others.








Vikki Morgan
Founder and Managing Director of Independent Woman By Design and Ash Blue Finances

Vikki Morgan is a successful business owner with a passion for helping women develop independence in all aspects of living. In her events and mentoring, Vikki shares money strategies and life designing practical techniques to allow her audience to really develop a life in conjunction with their business that is truly uniquely theirs. The fundament aspects of aligning your money world, personality and life style to your business is paramount to success. Being financially independent is a must for you to truly be free. Connect with Vikki HERE