About Us

Life Extraordinary is all about women who desire more in life – they desire, and strive for an extraordinary life.

A life that is legendary, leaves a legacy and is unequivocally full of abundance, style, ease and grace.

We educate, inform and inspire female entrepreneurs on how to live out their own version of an extraordinary life.

With a multi-platform approach including digital magazine made up of an online blogzine plus designed publication, online TV series, VIP business coaching and high-vibe global live events, the brand is committed to showcasing and profiling women who are making their mark on the world.


Founded by magazine entrepreneur and success coach, Genine Howard, Life Extraordinary Magazine is her fourth magazine title to launch.

With her own mission to teach and inspire female entrepreneurs to create beautiful businesses and live luxe lives, Genine’s magazine inspires women globally with curated content on luxury travel, fashion and more importantly, informative content how to live a life that is truly extraordinary.

With a focus on profiling extraordinary women in business, Life Extraordinary Magazine inspires, educates and enlightens.

Genine Howard Life Extraordinary


Our readers are action-takers. They are either high achieving women in business or those aspiring to be and are searching for knowledge or products to live their best life.

Our readers are not victims – they are truly ready to make change in their lives; be it in business, relationships, health and diet and self-care, our readers are your perfect target demographic. They are ready to buy!

Women predominately 35 to 44 who work in the corporate arena or own their own business (or those aspiring to be).

All content is designed to show women they can have it all by offering guidance to a balanced, holistic life. This type of editorial is extremely powerful in today’s world where women are truly looking to live their most authentic and best life – content knowledge is the new widget, and of course, we have content in bucket loads!


Life Extraordinary Magazine has an expansive reach in the online world – from an engaged database of readers who receive a weekly e-newsletter along with an engaged social media world across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube platforms.

Each month the magazine has a reach of over 10,000 per month (and growing daily), exclusively female readers.

To date our statistics have been*;

– Average 10,000+ monthly website views
– 3000 e-newsletter database (with an above-average open rate of 39% and  a click through rate of 11% (industry averages only 16.1% and 2% respectively).
– Partner email databases over 20,000 (female audiences)
– 2000 Facebook likes – 93% female, 39% aged 35-44 years
– Average weekly Facebook reach – 25,000+

*Based on Australian Content Magazine statistics (Life Extraordinary is a relaunch of this brand)

In addition the magazine has 30+ ambassadors – The Brand Society – who all promote their magazine via their own online and social media platforms. Our reach, online, is therefore insurmountable and ever-expanding.

This is an extremely powerful advertising medium in particular for businesses that want to make a difference in and enrich women’s lives.


Find out more about The Brand Society HERE.

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